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Automated Matrix Mixer and Black Box Interface

The Automated Matrix Mixer is multipurpose studio and performance instrument and interface. Its main function is that of an audio mixer whose channels are designed to interact with one another in an X Y grid allowing for complex mixing patterns and accurately controlled feedback systems. The instrument is unique in its ability to algorithmically automate its mixing levels producing very complicated feedback loops resulting in dynamic sonic manipulation. The automation is controlled from a computer using a randomly generating number algorithm. The probability settings of the algorithm can be adjusted to alter the depth of response of the instrument. The Automated Matrix Mixer communicates with a computer using a built in micro controller based on an Atmel 168 chip. The instrument not only allows for automated mixing and feedback, but also gives a performer an interface to control audio software (such as Max/MSP) on a computer. The instrument is utilized in performance as a way to continuously and organically mix and shape any audio being worked with.

The Black Box Interface is a performance instrument used for interfacing with audio or video software on a computer. It is regularly utilized in conjunction with the Automated Matrix Mixer as a controller for generating sound sources which are then manipulated by the Matrix Mixer. In a typical performance setup, the Black Box can be used as a trigger and processor for real time digital and granular synthesis creation. The brain of the instrument is a micro controller based on a Atmel 168 chip which controls a synthesis program built in Max/MSP.

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