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Sightlines Magazine

JOSHUA FIGUEROA, April 06, 2019

“Rainforest Reverb” is the next ecology-inspired project from the Austin-based sound collective, Rolling Ryot. As part of this year’s Fusebox Festival, the installation is aiming to expand the ways in which we perceive sound by using one of the world’s richest ecosystems as a sonic blueprint...

de/Rastra, derastra
The Austin Chronicle


Evans is an artist with no limits on what technology he can embrace. Cathode ray tubes are as integrated into "000000" as computer screens from the Nineties. It's a feat in and of itself to see this somewhat dated technology working, let alone acting as such an acute point of conceptual communication...

de/Rastra, derastra
Neural Magazine

Paul Prudence, Print issue #45, Summer 2013

Kyle E Evans’ oscillographic synthesizer, the de/Rastra, consists of a circuit-bent CRT TV linked to a computer running a MAX/MSP patch to enable discreet cross-wiring of audio and video signals. The chassis of the TV has been modified to incorporate a gestural interface, using an accelerometer and force-sensing resistors, so that it can be played as an instrument...

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