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Emanations of a Bottom Line
New media installation first installed in 2016 at ICOSA Gallery, and in 2018 for Immersion ATX at 1500 Studio 
Media: loudspeakers, electronics, algorithms, Educational Management Corp. stock quotes (July 2013 - July 2016)
Emanations of a Bottom Line was first installed at the ICOSA gallery in Austin, Texas in 2016. The second iteration was installed for Immersion ATX at 1500studio during the East Austin Studio Tour in 2018. The piece runs an algorithm that analyzes stock quotes from 2013-2016 and reacts with light and sound to price fluctuations in the quote, becoming increasingly responsive and chaotic over time. The piece is developed to appear constantly on the verge of collapse, increasing in volatility as stock quotes plummet. 

Thank you to Aaron Wharton Christopher Ferguson for the photo documentation.
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