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Modified television, computer, speakers, sinusoidal waveforms (48Hz. 98Hz. and variable), and electromagnetism

For the piece sine.magnet.phosphoresced., the now obsolete cathode ray tube television takes on a monumental, sculptural form within an immersive sound environment. The intense visceral response to these obsolete technologies implores the viewer to confront the detritus of technological progress and innovation. The utilization of very low frequency sound material creates an overpowering sonic environment in which the piece can be experienced. Modern technology is used to drive the internals of the CRT giving the dated device a new voice. Though it brings new life to a dead technology, the process, since its initial installation, has been simultaneously destroying the CRT through the effects of ion burn seen in the center of the screen.

Sine.Magnet.Phosphoresced has been installed at the Sullivan Galleries (Chicago, IL.) as part of the SAIC 2011 Graduate Thesis Exhibition and at the Milwaukee Ave. Arts Festival (Chicago, IL.) as part of the Satellite New Media Arts Exhibition.

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