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Interactive Audio/Video Installation - 2009

VHF Silicon is an interactive audio/video installation shown in SAIC’s spring 2009 undergraduate exhibition. This piece is an experiment in computer automation and the hybridization of old and new technologies. Computer generated digital processes are used to control and modulate three analog video signals. A computer program communicates with hand built analog circuitry by means of the Art Bus micro controller. The circuitry switches and modulates three separate analog video channels that are mixed and distorted onto an easily manipulated early 70’s television set. Three ultra-sonic proximity sensors are placed surrounding the television each controlling a separate video signal and responding to viewers’ positions and movements throughout the space. Multiple viewers and relative proximity to the sensors all effect and modulate the displayed video. When the sensors are not being activated, the computer runs autonomously and begins randomly switching through the video signals. The sounds were created using an analog modular synthesizer and are synchronized to the switching and processing of their corresponding video.

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