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Sound, light and electricity are the fundamental components of my artistic practice. I combine these mediums through a method I relate to alchemy. This relation can be made on two levels, the first being the practice of hybridization. In particular, the hybridization of new and old, resulting in the creation of unusual sonic combinations or the generation of technological chimaeras. For these purposes, archaic technologies hold a particular fascination to me, given their current perception as inept devices. In this state of abandonment technology is given the potential for resurrection and remediation. Through the integration of antiquated technology with that of contrasting current era technology, hidden capabilities of the archaic emerge, allowing what was once dormant to speak again in a new and unusual voice.
Secondly, alchemic qualities of my practice are derived from the arcane nature of electricity. I approach the utilization of electricity as a partially learned yet significantly intuitive process. For example, I like to believe that phenomena such as radio transmission and electro-magnetism exist somewhere between science and magic. Of course, electricity does follow physical rules, but in many ways, these rules are malleable. Technology also follows rules and, like electricity, these rules can be manipulated. The reworking of these rules has the ability to produce either beautiful or devastating results, or even the occasional beautifully devastating result.
My practice relies on equal parts of learned knowledge and intuition. In a state of play is where my mind is most receiving. As a child plays with a toy, I play with electricity. Through play, my intuition is allowed control. Guided by intuition, serendipity comes about, and through serendipity, new knowledge is generated. Though I have learned much of the theories, procedures and ideas about the physical workings of electricity, I have no desire to engage the subject from a purely traditional perspective. By this consideration, I am given a unique position to use technology, abuse technology and redefine technology as I see fit. 
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